Proud To Pay High Wages

In traditional tea growing areas of the world like India, Sri Lanka & Kenya,

The field workers or “Pluckers” as they are known, make

less than three US dollars per day. Yes, you read that correctly.

Less than $3.00 per day. At Avocado Leaf Tea, we pay our workers

above the minimum wage in California, which is currently $14.00 per hour.

Our workers will make minimum of $120.00 for an 8 hour day. This comes

with breaks and a proper lunch hour. We also follow GAP. Which

stands for “Good Agricultural Practices”. Good Pay and Safe working

conditions are very important to our company. The faces you see

on this post are the happy workers that picked the avocado leaves that

are in every delicious cup of Avocado Leaf Tea. We feel good that we can

make a great product with workers that are safe, happy and well paid.

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