Detox Tea

Detoxing never tasted SO GOOD! This light and refreshing tea can be consumed all day and has so many natural healthy ingredients!

This drink contains basil that not only adds a luxurious flavor but also brings a ton of benefits with it.  It has compounds that can help to alleviate anxiety and depression, increase your ability to think clearly, and lower the risk for age-related memory loss. Essential oils in basil, including eugenol, linalool, and citronellol, can help to fight inflammation in the body.

The cucumber brings a natural diuretic which helps to pass toxins in your urine.
The lemon is high in vitamin C and rich in potassium.

The Avocado Leaf Tea Lemon Blend provides powerful natural antioxidants that help protect and boost your immune system.

This superdrink is delicious and makes a perfect detox tea!

1/2 cucumber sliced
6 basil leaves
3 Lemon slices
1 cup of Avocado Leaf/Lemon Blend Tea chilled
garnish with cucumber slice

Add all ingredients to shaker, mix well, let sit in fridge for 1-3 hours to get all of the healthy antioxidants released. Strain  & pour over ice.





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