Trend-Spotting at the Winter
Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

Avocado Tea Co. poured tea made from avocado leaves — a form of upcycling that’s also a popular trend in the age of climate change. It had a pleasingly herbaceous, vaguely medicinal flavor. The wellness crowd will appreciate that the leaves are full of antioxidants.

Interview by Food Navigator USA

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‘It releases this beautiful red rustic flavor with no bitterness, no astringency’

By Elaine Watson

Avocado leaf tea has a reddish hue and a distinct earthy - but not bitter - taste, says Scott Wibbenmeyer, who, with his wife Sharon Colona, has developed a patent-pending method for producing it from leaves sourced from their avocado grove in Temecula, California.

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Made From Upcycled Avocado Leaves


The Mercury News - San Francisco

But perhaps the most unexpected example is
The Avocado Leaf Tea Co.’s new line of teas made with leaves that would otherwise be turned into mulch.

The Temecula-based company was born when Scott and Sharon Wibbenmeyer bought a piece of land populated with avocado trees.

A brainstorm — followed by lots of research and testing — has resulted in healthy teas that taste like avocado.




"It was a tremendous honor to be written up by Beverage Daily as the Future of Tea." Says Owner, Sharon Colona.  

"We received tremendous press coming out of the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City and that translated into very high interest in our new brand as well as tremendous sales opportunities"

"It was also exciting to get such a great review from the New York Times".