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What is Avocado Leaf Tea?

Avocado Leaf Tea is the newest entry in the herbal tea market. The name describes the product precisely, tea that is made from the leaves of an avocado tree. Each leaf is upcycled from trimmings, handpicked and sourced locally from avocado groves in Temecula, California.

Our brand has harnessed the nutritional power of the avocado leaf to provide a delicious and nutrient rich functional tea to the wellness market.

Dating back centuries, the Aztecs and Mayans drank the extract from the leaves to treat a host of medical conditions. Since then, the leaf has been studied and proven to be a super antioxidant- high in both healthy Polyphenols & Flavonoids. Our 100% all natural & Biodegradable pyramid bags provide ease of preparation while keeping the robust natural flavor & nutritional benefits of the avocado leaf.

The aroma is fresh, and the exceptional taste has won two of the most prestigious awards in the tea industry, The “People’s Tea Choice Award” at the World Tea Expo and “Best Single Serve Bagged Tea” at the Global Tea Championship. Delicious served as a relaxing hot tea or a refreshing iced tea.


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The Healthiest Tea Is Also The Best Tasting Tea !

Avocado Leaf tea is not only healthy, it has an award winning taste! Reviewed in The New York Times by Food & Wine Critic Florence Fabricant, she compared it to a “Fine Oolong”.

Our Natural Leaf has won the most prestigious award in the tea industry for its extraordinary taste, “The People’s Tea Choice Award” at The World Tea Expo. This competition is voted on by attendees of the show for best tasting hot tea, and Avocado Tea won first place!

Avocado Leaf tea had the honor to be chosen to be the exclusive tea served at the Emmy Awards Governors Ball.


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A New Ancient Tea

The liquid extract from the avocado leaves have been drank for centuries dating back to the Aztecs & Mayans. The boiled leaf extract was used as an elixir for a host of ailments. We have modernized this ancient tradition to provide you with the same naturally healthy tea that is easy to brew in your own home.


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Biodegradable Pyramid
Tea Sachets

Our 100% natural, gluten free and biodegradable single serve pyramid bags provide ease of preparation while maintaining the robust natural flavor and nutritional benefits of the Avocado Leaf. Use each sachet for 2 full flavored cups.


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The Powerful Antioxidant Activity of The Avocado Leaf

Who knew Avocado Leaves were so healthy? The Journal of Medicinal Plants Research recently released a study;
 Conclusion: The results of this study clearly showed that compounds of P. americana (aka Avocado tree) leaves have powerful antioxidant activity. Therefore, the use of the leaves of P. American might be helpful in preventing or slowing down the progress of various oxidative stress-related diseases. 

You have never tasted a tea like this before

Our natural avocado leaf tea has a smooth, rustic profile with earthy notes and a delicate flavor. It is similar to a very smooth green tea without the astringency a typical green tea can bring. The aroma of a fresh cup of Avocado Leaf Tea resembles the bouquet of the grove itself, truly intoxicating. It is the base ingredient in our entire tea line, not only the nutritional benefits but for its distinct luxurious flavor.

If You Think Avocados are Healthy – Wait Until You Hear
About the Avocado Leaf!

The Saudi Journal of Biological Scienced released a study in March 22 comparing the benefits of the avocado extract to the avocado leaves… here are the results!

Results “The higher polyphenol and flavonoids contents were detected in fruit and leaves ethanolic extracts. It can be seen from the data that the leaves’ extract reported significantly more than Fruit extract.”



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Pure Natural Ingredients

Our Natural Avocado Leaf Tea contains only 100% avocado leaves. Our leaves are screened for toxins and chemicals for purity to ensure the healthiest leaf in your cup. The additions in our blends (Peach, Lemon, Chamomile & Black Tea Blend) are sourced from the highest quality ingredients found in the world.

Upcycled for a Healthy Planet

Our tea is upcycled from the annual trimmings of Avocado trees in Southern California. Did you know avocado trees grow up to 3’ in circumference every year? Regular trimming harnesses the energy of the tree to produce more fruit with less water. We use the previously discarded trimmings to provide you with a healthy nutrient rich functional tea.

Fair Wage

Did you know, the average wage of a tea picker worldwide is a shocking and exploitive $3.00 per day. Many countries are known to use child labor. Tea pickers have been oppressed since the invention of tea. Avocado Tea pays $26.00 per hour - per person. Our workers have regular breaks, and our management team is GAP certified -Good Agricultural Practices, which means they ensure safe & sanitized working conditions and a high level of pay for our amazing workers! Many laborers are unemployed after the Avocado harvest and by now picking the leaves their pay cycle is extended generating more yearly revenue.

Avocado Leaf Tea Boosts & Protects Your Immune System

Avocado leaves have been found to have “Powerful Antioxidant Activity” that can be used to protect the body against damages caused by free radicals and slow down the progress of various oxidative stress-related diseases The leaves are high in healthy polyphenols and flavonoids that are only found in nature.

From Our Grove to Your Cup

Avocado Leaf Tea has been a labor of love. It started a few years back as I was boiling and drinking my own tea from the leaves of our grove. Night after night I drank my tea researching and learning about the many nutritional benefits inside of this amazing leaf.It was then that I realized this was a tea the world needed to try and hoped they would love it as much as I do. A couple years later we have been honored to have won a few of the most prestigious awards in the world for the beautiful and luxurious flavor profile of the leaf.

I would like to give you the opportunity to try our tea yourself with 25% OFF your first purchase. I know you will love it and can’t waIt to hear your feedback!


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