Our Grove to Tea Story...

How This View Started Our Avocado Leaf Tea Company.

Grove Owners Become Avocado Leaf Tea Makers

Creating Avocado Leaf Tea has been a journey of love and passion. Here is our story.

We are native St. Louisans, who had survived one too many winters. My husband Scott and I decided we wanted to move closer to our oldest son who had moved to Los Angeles, California. He loved his new adopted state and was thriving in the wine business. We knew we wanted a small piece of land to build a home and our main requirement was a great view.
After months of driving up and down the California coast, we settled on a beautiful town between San Diego and Los Angeles. Temecula, California. It had a fair amount of land still available on which to build, it was convenient to both San Diego and L.A. and was only 25 minutes from the ocean. We were home.

It Was Perfect... But

We found the perfect piece of land with the perfect view, but it only had one catch. It came with an Avocado Grove. Were we ready to become Avocado Farmers? To make a very long story short, the answer was YES. We became Avocado farmers on a beautiful grove that had a stunning view.

While the property was in escrow I spent a fair amount of time researching everything I could about avocado groves and how to maintain them. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right. While Googling my future farm plans, I discovered an article on the benefits of Avocado Leaf Tea and I was thoroughly intrigued. It seems it has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and folklore suggested it had helped everything from the common cold to kidney stones. I have been known to geek out on research and the more I searched, the more information I found on recent studies. Most have been published over the last few years, touting the health benefits of the avocado leaf.

Let The Experiment Begin

On the very next trip to our grove I picked more leaves than avocados and decided I was going to try this magic tea I had read so much about - and that, I assumed, must taste horrible if it is truly that beneficial. As it turns out, it's one of the best teas I have ever tasted. It's rustic, smooth, and when the aroma of the tea hit me, it smelled exactly like the breeze at our grove that brings with it the fresh scent of the avocado trees.

Getting It Right

We spent the next few months working with tea masters & testing facilities to ensure the process in which we picked, stored and milled the avocado leaves kept the integrity of the medicinal properties of the leaf. I cannot count the times we thought we had hit a dead end because this is one finicky leaf.

It Was All Worth It!

In the long run every minute has been worth it. We found the perfect process to create delicious tea and have patented it. Our Avocado Leaf Tea has been a labor of love and we are so pleased to finally be able to bring it into your home. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do and look forward to your feedback. You can also follow us on social media. Search for our handle - @avocadoleaftea. We will be creating relaxing images, letting you know of great recipes to try, and put out more information about the health benefits as they become available to us.

Picking our delicious
Avocado Leaf Tea