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Avocado Leaf Tea?

Avocado Leaf Tea is the newest entry into the herbal tea market. The name describes the product precisely, tea made from the leaves of an Avocado Tree. Each leaf is hand-picked and sourced locally from Avocado groves in sunny Temecula, California. Like the Avocado Fruit, the leaves of the tree have numerous benefits, and have been recently named one of the "healthiest leaves in nature". It's a naturally delicious and beneficial tea, and we hope you enjoy as much as we do. Learn how we discovered our tea.

No Plastics or Microplastics!

Our Pyramid Tea Sachets are 100% Biodegradable, and naturally decompose within 30 days after use.

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The Avocado Leaf's Best Kept Secrets

Consumed by Aztec, Myan and Central American cultures for centuries. Naturally Caffeine Free.

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You Have Never Tasted A Tea Like This Before

Our natural avocado leaf tea has won multiple awards, and the taste has been described by NYT Food Critic as "earthy & rustic with a smooth finish". The aroma of a fresh cup of Avocado Leaf Tea resembles the bouquet of the grove itself, truly intoxicating. Our 100% natural and biodegradable single serve pyramid bags provide ease of preparation while maintaining the robust natural flavor and nutritional benefits of the Avocado Leaf.

Delicious Tea With Extraordinary Benefits

The Avocado is already a renowned super fruit, but who knew the leaves had so many benefits as well? Researchers are finding that the leaves might be the most beneficial part of the Avocado Tree. The Persea Americana AKA the Avocado Leaf is gaining global notoriety for the extraordinary health benefits. We are proud to feature a collection of research on the benefits of the Avocado Leaf right here on our website.

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Loose Tea Now Available

We are excited to announce the launch of our Loose Tea Line.

Ever since we debuted our award winning tea at the World Tea Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tea Shops and consumers from all over the world have been asking for this option. Well now it's here!

Avocado Leaf Tea - Natural Loose Tea brews 320 cups and has a special introductory price of only $29.95

Non-GMO, Zero Calories, Vegan, STAR-K Kosher Certified, Gluten Free, No Sugar.


New York Times Review - Front Burner - By Florence Fabricant

Avocado leaves are used as seasoning in Mexican cooking. And now they’re also an herbal tea. A line of avocado leaf teas were a highlight of the recent Fancy Food Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York. Hot or iced, the tea is lovely to sip. The plain variety produces a mellow amber brew, suggesting a fine oolong. It does not turn tannic, no matter how long it steeps. Meyer lemon and chamomile varieties are nice, too.

Florence Fabricant is a food and wine writer. She writes the weekly Front Burner and Off the Menu columns, as well as the Pairings column, which appears alongside the monthly wine reviews. She has also written 12 cookbooks.