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The avocado grove that changed our life

All good stories start with avocados and end with a good cup of tea, at least that's how this story goes...

Once upon a time there was a real estate broker ready to retire with her handsome husband. They were in search of land with a breathtaking view to build their dream home and eventually found perfection in the hillsides of Temecula California. A picture-perfect parcel of land that overlooked a beautiful valley, a twinkling town and majestic mountain ranges.

There was only one dilemma, it came with 550 avocado trees - which did not look or sound like retirement. After all, neither of them knew anything about avocados except for they tasted exceptionally good on toast.

After many discussions and weighing all of the the pros & cons, the view and a lifetime of all you can eat avocados πŸ₯‘ ended up being the deciding factor. And so the building began.

Discovering an ancient tea

During the construction this new grove owner spent her days googling anything "avocado tree" to get an idea of what was in store, little did she know what the future held.

During her searches she continued to come across the benefits of the avocado leaf. First learning that people had drank avocado leaf extract for centuries dating back to the Aztecs & Mayan cultures who drank the leaf extract as an elixir. The more she learned the more she wanted to know. The research lead her to actual published research & studies dating back to 2010 on the many benefits of the leaves.

She decided to start boiling her own leaves & it was the BEST TEA she had ever tasted. It turned into a daily/nightly routine of drinking & researching everything and anything she could find on the leaves.

One evening, after an exceptionally good cup of boiled leaf she looked at her handsome husband and said "Someone should really share this tea with the world." And so she did.

A Labor of Love

The next time we visited the grove, I picked more leaves than avocados, determined to try this magic tea I had done so much research on. I was so surprised at the smooth flavor when I tried it for the first time. I had expected it to taste horrible after reading about all of the amazing health benefits that it has. It turned out to be one of the best teas I've ever tasted. It's rustic, smooth, and every time I have a cup, it takes me back to our grove and the fresh scent of the avocado trees.

Getting It Right

Inspired by this new find, I knew we had to share this leaf with the world. We spent the next few months working with tea masters and testing facilities to ensure the process in which we picked, stored and milled the avocado leaves maintained their medicinal integrity. We also opted to use pyramid shaped tea sachets, because the pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves to expand, releasing more flavor and healthy compounds.

It Was All Worth It!

After much experimenting, we eventually refined our process to maintain the nutritional properties of the leaf while keeping the natural robust flavor. Everything about our milling and packaging process is intentional, we have established unmatched procedures for harvesting and milling.
Our tea sachets are biodegradable and contain no plastics or microplastics. Our Avocado Tea is hand-picked from groves in Temecula, California, and contain NO additives or chemicals.

How it started