The Avocado Leaf

The Avocado Leaf's Best Kept Secrets

Deliciously Smooth & Rustic Flavor with No Bitter Aftertaste

Naturally Caffeine Free

Upcycled Leaves Reduce Waste, Creates More Jobs and Helps with Climate Change

The Leaf Contains Healthy Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Terpenes & Serotonin


We learned that Avocado Leaves have been consumed by Aztec, Mayan and Central American cultures for centuries. You take 5 or 6 leaves, boil them for about 15 minutes and then let it rest. After about ten minutes it will release a beautiful red flavor. After many attempts we have a Patent-Pending process where we place the leaves in a single serving tea sachet and still create a full bodied and delicious tea that most of the world has not been able to taste until now. This tea has an important place in history and we are excited to share our discovery with the world.

NO. Avocado leaves contain no caffeine. All of our teas are naturally decaffeinated except our Black Tea offering where we blend our Avocado Leaves with Nilgiri Black Tea from Mountains of India.

YES! Upcycling is very important to our environment and to our economy. Avocado trees grow approximately 6 feet a year. Previously the limbs and leaves were cut down and disposed of. On our grove in the sun-kissed hills of Southern California, we hand pick the leaves and instead of disposing of them, we now create a beautiful and delicious tea that, until now, was not available to the masses.

YES! We follow GAP. Good Agricultural Practices. All of our workers are paid well over $20.00 per hour and we stress safety in the groves while we are picking our avocado leaves. Each leaf is hand picked and inspected for quality.