Embrace Pure Sipping: Our Plastic-Free Biodegradable Tea Sachets

In a world where the detrimental effects of plastic are impossible to ignore, choosing eco-friendly options has never been more crucial. At Avocado Tea Co., we prioritize your well-being and the planet's health. That's why our tea sachets are not just biodegradable; they're also completely free of harmful plastics and microplastics.

The Plastic Predicament:
Plastics have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, including our beloved cup of tea. Traditional tea bags often contain plastics or microplastics that, when exposed to hot water, can release harmful toxins into your brew. This isn't just bad for your health; it's also detrimental to the environment.


A Plastic-Free Promise:
Our commitment to your health and our planet is unwavering. Our tea sachets contain absolutely no plastics or microplastics. This means that when you steep your Avocado Tea, you can sip with complete peace of mind, knowing that your drink is pure and untainted by harmful substances.

Biodegradable Beauty:
But our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop at eliminating plastics. Our biodegradable tea sachets are designed to naturally decompose within just 30 days after use. Made from beetroot sugars, they not only avoid contributing to plastic pollution but actively reduce waste.

An Environmentally Conscious Choice:
We understand that choosing eco-friendly options often comes at a slightly higher price. However, at Avocado Tea Co., we firmly believe that your health and our planet's health are worth every penny. By selecting our plastic-free biodegradable sachets, you're not just making a healthier choice for yourself but also a responsible choice for the environment.

In a world inundated with plastics and environmental concerns, Avocado Tea Co. stands firm in its commitment to providing you with a cleaner, greener tea-drinking experience. Our plastic-free biodegradable tea sachets are more than a choice; they're a conscious step toward a healthier you and a healthier Earth. Join us in embracing pure sipping, one sachet at a time, because when it comes to tea, the planet deserves nothing but the best.


Q & A 


How can customers receive a discount on their first purchase?

Customers can obtain a 10% discount on their initial purchase by subscribing to receive emails about new product introductions and tea guides. This subscription process offers immediate savings on the first order.

Why does the company offer pyramid sachet tea bags instead of loose leaf teas?

Avocado Tea Co. chooses to offer pyramid sachet tea bags primarily to align with the convenience needs of our customers. Understanding that not everyone has the time or equipment to prepare loose leaf teas, we provide tea in sachet form which simplifies preparation without compromising quality. This approach allows us to uphold our commitment to both customer satisfaction and our sustainability values. By doing so, we ensure that we cater to various lifestyles while maintaining our core mission and identity as a company dedicated to making a positive impact.

Where is the tea sourced from?

Temecula Ca.

How does the quality of the tea in the sachets compare to other teabags?

Unlike many other teabags that contain dust or fannings, the sachets use only milled leaves, ensuring a higher quality brew.

What type of tea is used in the sachets?

The sachets are filled with Avocado Leaf or a blend of Avocado Leaf with other healthy ingredients.

Why did you choose this type of tea bag?

We decided on a pyramid bag because it is the perfect shape to release the full flavor of our Avocado Leaf Tea. The pyramid shape not only has more room but also allows the leaves to expand, thus releasing maximum flavor for your enjoyment. Importantly, our sachets are filled with the highest quality full leaf Avocado Leaf Tea. This means that we use the same grade of loose-leaf tea for our sachets that we offer to our customers in loose form. We avoid using the dust or fannings that are often found in conventional tea bags. Instead, we ensure that all our tea comes only from the top 2% of the batch, guaranteeing that the leaves in your sachet are fully intact and rich in flavor. This commitment to quality ensures that each cup you brew from our sachets is not only delicious but also a true representation of what Avocado Leaf Tea should taste like. 

Plastic Free Tea Sachet

The pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves to expand, releasing more flavor.Each tea sachet can be used twice and still achieve full flavor! Our pyramid tea sachets contain no plastics or microplastics. They are 100% Biodegradable for natural decomposition 30 days after use.

To provide more insight, our sachets are crafted from Soilon, a material derived entirely from plant sources such as corn. Soilon uses Polylactic Acid (PLA) technology, ensuring that each sachet is not only free from harmful substances but also 100% commercially compostable. This means our tea sachets are designed to break down in a commercial composting facility, leaving no trace behind within 90 days. We ensure the purity and safety of our materials through rigorous third-party testing, confirming the absence of any PET plastic or nylon. This makes our tea sachets a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your tea time.

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