NOSH Food Wire Nov. 2023

TEMECULA, Calif.— Avocado Tea Company, a pioneer in redefining wellness, announces its latest endeavor – the Wellness Box, featuring an exquisite collection of herbal teas. This Wellness Box includes the signature Avocado Leaf Tea, Avocado Leaf Lemon Blend, Avocado Leaf Chamomile Blend, and Avocado Leaf Peach Blend, each elegantly packaged in 32 individual sachets, with four of each blend. This remarkable collection takes inspiration from the ancient wisdom of utilizing avocado leaves for health benefits and transforms it into a modern wellness experience, revolutionizing the world of herbal teas.

A Modern Journey Through Ancient Wisdom

The Wellness Box by Avocado Tea Company is more than just a collection of teas; it’s a bridge between centuries-old traditions and contemporary wellness. Drawing on the knowledge of the Aztecs and Mayans, who revered avocado leaves for their potent healing properties, the Wellness Box introduces an exceptional range of herbal infusions.

At the core of the Wellness Box lies the iconic Avocado Leaf Tea. This extraordinary elixir encapsulates the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures that recognized the incredible health benefits of avocado leaves. Avocado Leaf Tea, crafted from 100% all-natural avocado leaves, beautifully marries tradition with innovation. It is celebrated for its immune-boosting capabilities, support for digestive health, and its soothing qualities – a testament to how ancient practices continue to be relevant in today’s world.

Complementing the signature Avocado Leaf Tea are three delightful herbal tea blends:

Avocado Leaf Lemon Blend: This blend takes the classic Avocado Leaf Tea and infuses it with the zest of lemons, creating a symphony of citrus that invigorates the senses.Avocado Leaf Chamomile Blend: By combining the tranquility of chamomile with the nourishment of avocado leaves, this blend offers a soothing escape from the daily hustle.Avocado Leaf Peach Blend: For those seeking an exquisite blend of sweetness, the Peach Blend combines the natural allure of peaches with the lushness of avocado leaves, resulting in an exquisite cup of tea.Sharon Colona: A Visionary for Modern Wellness

Behind Avocado Tea Company is Sharon Colona, the visionary founder and CEO, whose passion for wellness, dedication to sustainability, and commitment to sharing natural wonders with the world continue to drive the brand forward. She notes, “Our Wellness Box encapsulates the essence of ancient wisdom and modern wellness, creating a bridge between tradition and innovation.”

The Wellness Box by Avocado Tea Company is now available for health & wellness enthusiasts.

About Avocado Tea Company

Avocado Tea Company is a pioneering wellness enterprise, dedicated to redefining the concept of tea. Founded by Sharon Colona, a visionary woman entrepreneur, the company offers a range of wellness products, including Avocado Leaf Tea and herbal blends like Lemon Blend, Chamomile Blend, and Peach Blend. Committed to health, sustainability, and tradition, Avocado Tea Company is on a mission to bring the benefits of these natural elixirs to the world.

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