Study Reveals Avocado Leaves Outperform Metformin for Diabetes Control

Unlocking Avocado Leaf & Seed Health Potential: A Comprehensive Study
Oct. 2023

Avocado, renowned for its unique taste and creamy texture, isn't just a culinary delight; its leaves and seeds harbor medicinal compounds with potential health benefits. Recent studies have delved into the anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, and anti-diabetic activities of avocado leaves (AVL) and seeds (AVS).

The phytochemical profiles of AVL and AVS were investigated, uncovering compounds with promising health attributes. Molecular docking simulations revealed AVL compounds, such as Stigmasta-5,22-dien-3-ol (L01) and campestenol (L02), along with AVS compounds Ergost-5-en-3-ol (S02) and Stigmastan-3,5,22-trien (S03), outperforming conventional drugs like Metformin in anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive activities.



Moreover, AVL demonstrated higher phenolic content, indicating potent antioxidant activity, while AVS exhibited a higher flavonoid concentration, contributing to overall antioxidant and health-promoting qualities.

In ADMET studies, these compounds demonstrated good absorption, distribution, and metabolism properties. Notably, they didn't cross the blood-brain barrier, eliminating neurological concerns. The AMES toxicity test and Lipinski drug-likeness rule confirmed their safety and drug candidacy.

This study sheds light on the potential therapeutic benefits of avocado leaves and seeds, emphasizing their antioxidant and health-promoting qualities. While acknowledging the limitations of molecular docking, these findings call for further in vivo research to validate their clinical implications. The compounds identified present exciting possibilities for future drug development, unlocking the full spectrum of avocado's health potential.

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