Avocado Leaf Tea & Elderly Patients with Hypertension - A 2015 Study

What is Hypertension?


Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, is a condition that can begin at the age of 18 however the risk of getting hypertension increases once someone turns 40. High blood pressure 47% of adults in the United States. This condition is when the arteries of someone’s heart become narrower and blood flow through the organ gets restricted. The higher a patient’s blood pressure reads the worse the condition is. High blood pressure is usually caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices or other conditions like diabetes. Some common symptoms are shortness of breath or headaches. Many can have high blood pressure without knowing it, however by not taking steps to treat it there could be serious health conditions in the future. The frequency of this condition has led many in the medical field and scientists to want to better understand and find a cure to the problem.




As people age there are structural changes within the body, specifically in the heart. Some of these changes along with other factors can contribute to unwanted heart conditions. Which in some people can lead to a hormone being released within the body that increases the retention of sodium and water which can then trigger hypertension. One way to rid the body of the increased sodium levels is through diuretics. Avocado leaves contain natural substances such as saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and more. These naturally occurring substances can cause a diuretic effect within the body therefore potentially decreasing high blood pressure. 


Effect of Avocado Leaves on Elderly Patients with Hypertension


In 2015, a group of medical professionals decided to test the effects of avocado leaf to decrease blood pressure in elderly patients. This study was released in a book (starting on page 371) preceding the International Nursing Conference which was held in Indonesia. The contents within the study explained the usefulness of the avocado leaf, how it can be implemented in the future of the medical field, and what can lead to hypertension later in life.


This study was done on 20 elderly patients who drank steeped avocado leaves with the intention of lowering blood pressure. Once given the avocado leaf treatment, a decrease in hypertension was found. Avocado leaves cause decreased blood pressure due to the flavonoids and potassium within the leaf which is key to help with hypertension. This is because there was an increase in the release of sodium and water within the body. 


The conclusion of the study states

“Based on this study that the administration of the avocado leaves steeping is given once a day (200 cc) for one week can lower blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension.”