Blackberry Infused Peach Tea

Who would think just 2 ingredients could taste this good? The frozen blackberries not only keep your tea extra cold they also add another layer of depth & flavor to the peach tea. If you want a quick an easy way to kick your tea game up a notch then this is it - SO Good! Add it to your next summer gathering and it is guaranteed to be a hit!

This delicious blend combines the sweet taste of ripe peaches with the robust natural flavor of avocado tea. The result is a wonderfully smooth flavor that’s not too sweet. This tea is made from 100% pure ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Blackberries and peaches are a natural pairing. They both have a sweet, tart flavor that makes them excellent for drinking. This tea is bold and flavorful, with notes of peach and blackberry. It’s a great way to enjoy this summer fruit combo without the calories. If you do like a bit of sweetness to your tea you can add honey, Stevia or sweeten with sugar.

8 to 10 Large Frozen Blackberries
1 cup of Avocado Leaf Tea/Peach Blend (cold)

Layer ice and blackberries in a glass, add peach tea. Garnish with mint & peach.

The combination of peach tea and blackberry is amazing! The sweetness of the peach tea is just right, not overpowering at all. A refreshing and healthy way to enjoy an afternoon tea.


I would recommend this to anyone who likes fruity teas or even just blackberry-flavored teas. This would also be a great gift idea for any tea lover in your family! Just simply print the recipe, add a container of blackberries and a can of Avocado Leaf/Peach Tea Blend to a basket and voila! A unique gift idea for a summer get together.

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