Peach Spritzer Mocktail

This super fun summer drink requires only 3 ingredients and can be put together minutes before any get together. And you can forget about the alcohol - you do not need it with this bit of bubbly!

This drink is light, bright & bubbly and the flavor profile is super yummy peachy deliciousness. 

One Fresh Peach sliced
One cup of Avocado Leaf/Peach blend 
Once can Peach Perrier

Add layers of peach and ice to glass to hold peaches down. Add 1/2 cup of Avocado leaf tea/peach blend. top with 1/2 can of Peach Perrier. Garnish with Peach slice or strawberry.

This is a prefect and unique drink for a baby shower, bridal shower or any gathering with friends!


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