Blood Pressure

Avocado Leaf Tea
A Natural

It's helped humans for centuries.

For centuries, cultures have used Avocado Leaves to help their community and families with a host of ailments. Recently, research has shown that avocado leaves can assist with managing blood pressure and hypertension.

Ethnopharmacological Relevance.

The leaves of Avocado Trees, also known as Persea americana Mill. (Lauraceae) have been recently shown to help with high blood pressure, inflammation, and weight management.

Why use natural remedies?

Naturally occurring solutions like the Avocado Leaf are not harsh on the body and can assist in helping manage ailments like hypertension / high blood pressure.


Avocado Leaves help with high blood pressure because it decreases your heart rate and thus leading to a lower blood pressure required to pump blood through your system.


Avocado leaves contain bio-active chemicals including polyphenolics, tannins, coumarins, flavonoids, triterpenoids, phytosterols (especially Ξ²-sitosterol), biotin, Ξ±-tocopherol, carotene, ascorbic acid, scopoletin, quercetin, oils, organic acids. These chemicals have historically shown pharmaceutical properties which is why they potentially work so well even though they're considered a natural remedy.

Referenced Studies: The Effects of the
Avocado Leaf Extract & Hypertension

Conclusion: The decoction of avocado leaves had an effect to decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients in Jolotundo Village. (Study of 32 patients) in Indonesia.

The Effect of Giving Avocado Leaf Boiled Water on Lowering Blood Pressure in the Elderly with Hypertension in the Work Area Tilango Health Center - 130 elderly patients in Indonesia

Conclusion: This study concludes that there is a significant effect between giving boiled water with avocado leaves on reducing blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension.

"The findings of this study revealed a significant alteration in the plasma level of ALT, AST, LDL and Total Cholesterol in the subjects after the administration of the liquid extrac of avocado pear leaft. The evaluation of these biochemical parameters in hypertensive patients undergoing traditional therapy using the extract is therefore recommended."
Study on 50 patients age 45 and above.

"Current results suggest that the aqueous extract used in this study possess antihypertensive activity against ethanol and sucrose induced hypertension in rats by the improvement of biochemical and oxidative status, and by protecting liver, kidney and vascular endothelium against damages induced by chronic consumption of ethanol and sucrose."