10 Great Gift Ideas for the Avocado Lover in your Life

Everyone loves a great gift, but gifts are even more meaningful when it revolves around something you or your loved one adores. Here are 10 amazing and unique gifts for the avocado lover in your life. 


Avocado Head to Toe Trio 


This avocado gift is perfect for the skincare lover in your life. It is an Origins skin care set which features hydrating lip butter and a face mask made using avocado and avocado oil. It also features super cute socks decorated with avocados and a makeup bag. This gift is perfect for the avocado lover who also enjoys a home self-care routine. This option is also great if you are on a budget as it in total costs 32 dollars. This gift is perfect for anyone of all ages!


Guacamole Kit 


This next gift is perfect for the chef in your life whether their skills range from amateur or advanced. This is an at home guacamole kit from Williams Sonoma. It includes a mortar and pestle, an avocado slicer, and a lime juicer which includes a small measuring cup. While on the pricier side this gift is perfect for the at home chef and includes everything your loved one would need to make perfect at home guacamole. 


Avocado Grower


This next gift is perfect for the green thumb in your life. It is an avocado vase which holds an avocado pit perfectly to grow an avocado tree of your own. All you need is the avocado seed, and you can begin the process. Not only does this come with an avocado vase it also includes a handbook on how to excel at growing your future avocado tree. Not only is the vase functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing and can sit on your desk. It is slightly more expensive, but you can’t beat the aesthetics and a future avocado tree in your life. 

Avocado Plush Toy


Now this is an avocado plush toy perfect for the mini foodie in your life. It stands at almost two feet tall and would be the perfect huggable companion for any kid. It is super cute and would be the perfect friend for a young one looking for a new stuffed animal. Not to mention it is adorable. 




Now we think an avocado a day is the only way to go about life and this cookbook called An Avocado a Day: More than 70 Recipes for Enjoying Nature’s Most Delicious Superfood is promoting just that. If you're tired of just using your avocados for guacamole, this gift is perfect for inspiring your loved one with more than 70 ideas on new and delicious ways to eat the superfood. Avocado has many benefits and if you love avocados this cookbook would be perfect for you.


Avocado Shoes


If your avocado obsessed friend is looking for a simple and cute way to show off their love every day you can look no further than these avocado printed Toms. Toms are the perfect everyday shoe, and they have a wonderful mission for every pair of shoes purchased; they are also donated to someone in need. These avocado print shoes are in collaboration with Paper Source and are the perfect mix of cute and simple. 




This next item would act as the perfect birthday or bridal party who all love avocados. These avocado pajamas are perfect for anyone on the hunt for a functional and cute matching set. They are also customizable and can feature initials, names, or wedding titles. These are another great gift for the avocado lover in your life. 


Avocado Hat


This next gift is also for the fashionista in your life. It’s a simple black hat with an embroidered avocado on the front. It is practical, simple, and cute. This gift is perfect for an avocado lover. It’s the essential summer hat. It comes in many different colors so you can get one that suits your every need. It’s also reasonably priced and is perfect for the hot summer months.


Avocado Bird House


This avocado bird house is perfect for the avid birder in your life who also happens to love avocados. This is the perfect home for your backyard birds. It’s made from wool so it's waterproof to keep the animals warm. This gift is perfect if you love to enjoy your local wildlife but do not want to ruin your backyard aesthetic. 


Avocado Tea


Lastly this is arguably the best gift for a tea lover, or an avocado lover and its Avocado Leaf Tea made in the USA. This tea comes in a variety of flavors that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is 100% natural and is the best herbal tea on the market. Not only is it good for you it’s also good for the environment as the sachets are biodegradable and the tea is upcycled from the avocado harvesting process. It is the best and is naturally decaffeinated but the company also features a black tea blend that can caffeinate you throughout your day. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves self-care and wellness but most importantly avocados. 


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