Avocado Leaf's Best Kept Secrets!

🥑🍃 Here are a few interesting things about our Avocado Leaves. They have been boiled and consumed for centuries by Aztec & Myan cultures for a host of medicinal purposes. 🍵 They are naturally caffeine free. We are also Upcycling the leaves💥 We have created a delicious tea from leaves that up to now have been cut down and thrown away. We are also providing jobs because we are hand picking our leaves when the avocado fruit is off the tree. Thereby creating year-round work instead of only seasonal work. 🧠 Learn more about our amazing leaves on our website. ❤️🥑🍃🍵#upcycle #avocado #secrets #avocadotea #avocadoleaftea #temecula #california #grovetocup #drinktoyourhealth #funfacts #didyouknow #wow


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