The Ultimate Guide for Throwing the Perfect Tea Party

Here at Avocado Tea Co. we take tea very seriously. While tea can be served on any occasion, one of the most important is the tea party. To help you plan your next tea party, here is Avocado Tea Co’s guide to both the kid’s and adult’s tea party.

Kids Tea Party

While some may argue that a tea party already has a theme, you can make any tea party better by adding a theme! One theme that would work well for a kids' tea party is Tea with the Trees! Partygoers dress up as explorers and explore the “woodland” tea party area.

Decorations are the most important part of creating a woodland theme. Start with choosing a setting. While outside would be optimal for setting the scene, given the weather’s unpredictable nature, an indoor woodland setting can also be created. Here are some things you may need to create the perfect Tea with the Trees tea party!

Room Decorations

  • Tea lights
  • Table cloths
  • Fake leaves
  • Bubble Machine

Serving Supplies

  • Tea cups
  • Saucers
  • Doilies
  • Silverware
  • Tea Pot
  • Napkins

Photo Booth

  • Binoculars
  • Butterfly Net
  • Woodland themed background
  • Exclamation prop signs

Party Favors

  • Coloring sheets
  • Bubbles
  • Outdoor related toys

Tea is the most important part of any tea party. Without it, this party would not have its namesake! Equally as important is the type of tea you choose to serve. Choosing the wrong blend ruins the entire experience of a tea party! That’s why the most care should be placed on choosing the proper tea for your party. Avocado Tea Co. provides many blends of avocado leaf tea, such as Natural, Lemon, and Chamomile, that will compliment any tea party! Our avocado leaf tea is perfect for children’s tea parties because our blends are naturally decaffeinated. This allows children to enjoy as much tea as they would like without the high amount of caffeine found in other teas.

No tea party would be complete without food to compliment the main drink! Given tea is such a complimentary drink, it pairs well with almost any food making food selection easy. Below are some common choices to serve at your tea party!

Adult Tea Party

Tea parties, of course, aren’t just for kids. Whether it’s brunch with friends or a gathering for a book club, there are many reasons for an adult to host their own tea party!

Even as an adult, adding a theme to a tea party makes the experience even better! For adults, tea parties bring back feelings of child-like whimsy, so a theme we suggest at Avocado Tea Co. is a Blast from the Past tea party. Dress up in your favorite outfit from your childhood and share pictures of you from the good ol’ days!

Decorations for your adult tea party are more simple than the intricate details of Tea with the Trees but are just as important to fit the theme of Blast from the Past. Even with their differences the supplies are almost the same, but a few differences are noted below!

Picture Wall

    • Cork Board or surface to hang pictures
    • Pushpins
    • Supplies to make picture borders
      • Ribbons
      • Glue
      • Glitter
      • Foam Shapes
      • Stickers
      • Old pictures of the guests

Like with the children’s tea party, there is nothing more important than the tea at a tea party. While the fun for children might be pouring tea from a teapot and drinking with lifted pinkies, adults may enjoy the experience of a tea bar instead. Here are some supplies that would help create the perfect tea bar!

Tea Bar

  • Hot water dispenser
  • Various blends of Avocado Tea Co. avocado leaf tea
    • Natural
    • Lemon
    • Black
    • Chamomile
  • Sweeteners
    • Honey
    • Sugar
    • Sugar substitutes
  • Cream
  • Garnishments
  • Spoons

You can choose to serve food similar to the kids’ tea party. Such dishes would bring back feelings of nostalgia and whimsy. Another option to bring the nostalgia would be to have each guest bring a dish from their childhood. This allows each guest a piece of their childhood and gives them an opportunity to share what the dish means to them. It also saves on prep time. 

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can find your answer to planning an amazing tea party! By following the themes, these two parties will be elevated from ordinary tea parties to extraordinary tea parties. Give both of our tea parties a try and tell us which you enjoyed the most!

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