Why make the switch from coffee to tea?

About 64% of Americans have a cup of coffee a day. It is a common drink of choice that you see everyone drinking. Whether your go-to drink is a latte or a cold brew it is a popular drink of choice from college students to the working warrior. Coffee has many great aspects but there are also many negative effects that often get overlooked for the classic morning beverage. 

What are the negative effects of coffee?

Anxiety/Disrupt Sleep
Anxiety is when a person feels overwhelmed with feelings of uneasiness and fear in their everyday life. Consuming too much caffeine can induce anxiety and jitters in your body. Caffeine can cause people to be over stimulated which then leads to the feeling of anxiousness after a cup of coffee. This is not a positive way to start the morning and is a major side effect that many share and feel. This leads many to wanting to find a new alternative.  

Jolt of Energy followed by a Crash
Caffeine increases brain activity and impacts last for up to 5 hours. A crash can occur when the effects of caffeine subside. This leads many to feeling irritable or unable to concentrate. An afternoon crash is a common experience and can likely be traced back to your morning coffee. 

Coffee has a high acidity content which can lead to heartburn and acid reflux. This can cause discomfort specifically in the throat. This discomfort for many and can be another reason why you might want to cut down on your coffee intake. The acidic nature of coffee could be amplified when you drink hot brewed coffee which is what many people do.

Increases blood pressure
Caffeine has been shown to raise blood pressure in several studies due to its stimulatory effect on the nervous system. Although caffeines effect on blood pressure seems to be temporary any elevated blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. .

High caffeine intake has also been shown to raise blood pressure during exercise in healthy people, as well as in those with mildly elevated blood pressure 

Benefits of Switching to Tea 
Switching your daily cup of coffee for tea can have a plethora of benefits. Tea leaves have high amounts of polyphenols which allows humans to better fight free radicals. Additionally, it can be a natural prebiotic which is great for gut health which translates to overall health. Tea also provides a slow burn of energy compared to the sudden jolt of energy that coffee can cause. Black tea is a great substitute for coffee if you are trying to reduce your coffee intake but are still looking for a similar caffeine boost without the jitters, crashes and acidity coffee can bring. 

There are many black teas to choose from, but a great alternative is Avocado Leaf Black Tea Blend. The Avocado Leaf Tea black tea has half the caffeine of coffee and provides a robust and smooth flavor profile for a perfect morning pick me up. This is a great option for a coffee alternative that tastes delicious. 

Our premium Black Tea blend is sourced from the Nilgiri Mountains (also known as the Blue Mountains) in Tamil Nadu. Nilgiri tea is rich in flavonoids, which are natural antioxidants. There are also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents in a strong cup of Avocado Leaf/Black Tea Blend. Black teas, such as Nilgiri tea, are abundant in antioxidants that have been researched for their capacity to protect cells from degeneration through pollutants or everyday stress exposure. 

Avocado Tea also has naturally caffeine free blends if you really want to reduce a caffeine intake. Avocado leaves can start your day off with powerful antioxidants that boost and promote a healthy immune system. 

Why wait? Make the switch today!

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