Avocado Leaf Tea - Winner of the Purity Award from The Clean Label Project.

 The Avocado Tea Co. has won the Purity Award from The Clean Label Project.

The Clean Label Project believes in a few simple truths:


Brand Accountability: We believe that brands should know what’s in their products, both the good and the bad. If a brand claims to be clean, safe, or better, they should have the data to back that up. If they don’t have the data to back that claim up, then they shouldn’t be making the claim.


Consumer Transparency: We believe that you, the consumer, deserve to know both what is in (and not in) the products you buy, but you also deserve to know when a brand feeds you marketing masquerading as facts. We believe that consumers make different, better purchasing decisions when they know all the facts – not just the marketing noise.


That the very best products deserve to win in the marketplace. The old adage holds true- “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. False marketing is rampant in food and consumer products. Clean Label Project believes that data and science can help brands differentiate themselves from the status quo and empower the consumer to make more informed choices for themselves and their families. Through analytical chemistry testing, data, and benchmarking, you can see the difference between legitimate product superiority and what is nothing more than a well-funded marketing campaign.


"We are so honored to have just received the Purity Award from the Clean Label Project" Says Sharon Colona, Owner and Creator of Avocado Leaf Tea. "The Clean Label Project runs lab tests on hundreds of products to see what is in them and then benchmarks against the rest of the industry and we are one of the best in our segment."  


Our tea was independently tested and found to EXCEED the standards for Purity. Our clean, all natural tea will now proudly carry the Purity Award Label and we could not be MORE excited!

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