Prepared Foods Magazine Avocado Leaf Tea - Product of the Day

What an honor to be one of Prepared Foods Magazine's Product of the Day. Prepared Foods is an industry leading magazine and we could not be more thrilled to be recognized for our new and unique Avocado Leaf Tea. Click this LINK to read more.

"Avocado Leaf Tea is a new entry into the herbal tea market. The tea that is made from the leaves of an avocado tree. Each leaf is hand-picked and sourced locally from avocado groves in Temecula, Calif. 

The natural flavor has been described as "earthy and rustic with a smooth finish" and the aroma resembles the bouquet of the avocado grove. A 100% all natural and biodegradable single-serve pyramid bag provides ease of preparation while keeping the natural flavor and nutritional benefits of the avocado leaf.

The avocado is a known as a super fruit with numerous health benefits but researchers are finding the the leaves might be the most beneficial part of the Avocado Tree."

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